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- New titles: "I Can't Give Up", "Life Conception", "Help Me Sing"

- New titles: "My Queen", "Extra"

- New titles: "I Give Up", "Unique", "So Close To Love", "Music Is The Way"

- New titles: "Sexual Orientation", "She Needs To Grow Up", "Religion Vs. Atheism" , "Disappointing Teens", "Misunderstanding", "Passivity"

- New titles: "Cobbler Without Shoes", "Since You're Gone", "Time Up, It's Over","This Special Night"

* - means that the lyrcis was given positive opinion byt my friends.

A Real Justice's View *
Addicting Beauty
Ain't So Funny
Association and Connection *

Being Apart *
Be Like a Peter Pan *
Because You Are the Man *

China Food
Cobbler Without Shoes *
Could Fly

Did Lord Knew
Dirty Boy From
Disappointing Teens *
Don't Keep Your Talnet In The Closed
Double Color Of Memories
Dreams Are My Aims

Extra *

Fall In Love(I would like to)
Fantasy, Fantasy
Feeling Not To Describe
First Snow

Girl With Class
Girls and Boys

Help Me Sing * <- New
Half Past Five(Winter Night) *
Happy Town On Neverlnad Ranch *
Hiding Game *

I Can't Give Up * <- New
I am Ready For Tonight
I Give Up
I Still See Your Eyes
Rain(Everything and Nothing)
If You Be My Girl
I'm Still Crazy About You
I Wanna Tree In the Home *

Just Sleep Well

Kelly Waxon *

Let's Bring The Children's Smile
Let's Care About It
Life Conception <- New

Mad, Wrong Solution
Matter of Time *
Meaning Of Love *
Missing at Home
Misunderstanding *
Music Is The Way
My Queen* <- New

Neverland...!(The land of childhood)
Now I Know

Obsession Love
Oh Mother Nature
Oh! Jenny, That's Whole You
Only Feel it

Passivity *
Problems Give a Damn *

Religion Vs. Atheism *
Runing Life

Saturday Night
So Close To Love
See You Again
She Told Me
She Wanna Be With Me
She's Dangerous
She Needs To Grow Up *
She's Saved in My Mind
Sexual Orientation *
Show Business Simple Game *
Since You're Gone *
Smile Baby
Spend, Earn Money
Stand Up *
Storm's Coming
Surprising End of Friendship

Tabloid Lies
Take a Chance In Love *
Tears From The Heaven *
Temptation *
Tender Man
The Battle On Arguments
The Genius Of Creation *
The Man Had Gone *
The Power Of The Travel
The Process of Creating a Song
The Real Justice
The Whisper
The Working Justice
Time Square
This Special Night *
Time Up, It's Over *
To Fall Out of Love
Touch The Ground, Touch the Sky

Unavailable Girl
Use All The Time
Use Your Imagination *


Whatever I do
Whos's Gonna Steal Your Heart *
Wrong Conviction

You Are Just A Girl
You Are Running With My Walking *
You Can Still Change Your Life *
Your Best Friend (Four Paws)
You've Got Something On The Shoes

Zero of Reaction

Hello I'm Mark Makowski, I'm living in Poland for 20 and few more years. I have discovered my talent to writing lyrics of songs accidentally, one day just poems came into my mind and I start to write, it was few years ago, but I get started write not in my mother tongue only in English, it's just a matter of the thing I love English and I love to write songs in this languge, it's just because I feel better syntax and good tone of lyrics writing in English it just happening itself in my mind. I'm learning English with passion for more than 10 years, especially American-English, so writing lyrics is just the pleasure in discovering new words which by the way are able to improving my English all the time. I'm very interested in American; history, culture, movie industry, music industry (especially 'cause of Michael Jackson), law, american trials and all the rest about U.S.A. Actually it's nothing unusual in the fact I'm writing songs because in my family were many persons who could play and write, so I got this in my gene. Besides of songwriting talent I'm interested in acting and dancing and my aim in my life is working as an actor and that's the way I'm going through the life. As a curiosity can be thing, that I am a fan of Michael Jackson since 92' and some of lyrics are inspired by MJ. So, I'm writing about everything, everything can inspire me and I'm always trying to write only with a vein in my mind, so I'm not writing under pressure or compulsion it's just like a hobby I really enjoy. And all I want to say in most of my lyrcis is some deep sense and message or some interesing story that I hope you gonn like it. That's all about me.

If you are intrested in using some lyrics or you have some uestions, please contact me via:



E-mail: marekmakow@gmail.com


Skype: mikemakow

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