Saturday Night

Written by Marek Makowski

I took my baby in Saturday night
But she tell me: you are only man
Whom I can easy chatting with
And don't tell me: it was just play-acting
And you think life is successful

When you asked me: Can I have boyfriend?
I think I answer: This is your life

When we were in park on Saturday night
You told me about newspapers, where written was

"My father is really fool man!"

I tell you baby, don't read this press
Cause they are writing rumors 'bout me
it's really big rag

I told this my manger!
I told this my lawyer!
I told this my mother!
And I met new business agent of my work and my life

And they told me about it, are with us
Because they should got kick in their ass
But if you can, don't read it anyway

Everything was explained in one night
Because they have made one big mistake
Writing like that instead public my interview
They wrote about my life
And that gonna be their problem now in court

After this night on following day
My baby told me 'bout another rag

They insert my photo with unknown me girl
I did think about my lawyer
'Cause they again got into my privacy

Everything had happened in twenty four hours
In Saturday night
All of this were done in one weeked
That was in Saturday night
Everything had happened in Saturday night

Saturday night
Saturday night
And that was in one Saturday night
Saturday night
Because all of it was in Saturday night
yeah, yeah!
Because all of it was in Saturday night
Because all of it was in Saturday night
Saturday night!
(Saturday night!)
Saturday night!

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